The following rules must be followed by anyone using the MLRC Hackerspace.

No food or drinks in the Space

  • Food can be in a sealed bag, but it cannot be opened in the space.
  • Water bottles, cups or any other water containers can be placed on top of the cabinet outside of the MLRC Hackerspace.

Only use equipment you are trained on

  • There are specific rules for each piece of equipment.
  • Ask Lab Monitor if you would like to be trained on equipment.
  • Always wear proper PPE for the equipment you are using.

Clean your workspace after working session

  • Use hand vacuum cleaner to clean up workspace, larger debree can be placed in garbage bin.
  • Return all equipment to the proper storage location.
  • If you would like to store your project in the MLRC Hackerspace, talk to a Lab Monitor.
  • Never take equipment from MLRC Hackerspace.

Take Extra Precaution with Soldering Irons

  • Always unplug when not in use.

Safety Information

Fire extinguisher is located just outside room to the left, right next to EME2242.
First aid kit is located behind the door into the MLRC Hackerspace.
Emergy procedure and information is listed in red pamphlet to left of the MLRC Hackerspace entrance.