Learn how to design a printed circuit board (PCB), order it and solder components on it!

Why Learn PCB?

There are three main reasons why you should learn PCB.

  • Good for CV. Without PCBs our devices would not be able to function. They are essential in connecting different components and allowing for communication between them. PCBs are used in a wealth of different industries and the skill of making them is highly sought by employers in the engineering field.
  • Understanding of Circuit Design. While designing PCB, you refine your understanding of circuit construction - a skill, worthwhile to have on a resume for any engineer, a must-have skill for those who are in electrical engineering.
  • It is fun. You can do a lot of cool DIY projects if you learn how to do it. e,g, you can do a flashing badge like the one shown below.

About the Event

When and Where

First Session:   EME1101, 7-8:30pm January 23rd

In the first session we will set up the schematic and source proper parts.

Second Session: EME1101, 7-8:30pm January 30th

In the second session we will design a PCB in KiCad using the schematic we have done at the first session.

Third Session:  EME2245, TBD

Finally, in the final session we will show you how to do all of the soldering required to bring your design to life.

Costs and Registration

Cost of the ticket for all three sessions is 15 CAD. All money goes to cover the cost of the components & support the club.

There are only 40 spots! Fill the Google Form to secure your spot!

Link to the google form here: https://forms.gle/CY9zMkioXjP5m6RU8

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About the Host

The event will be lead by Michael Bell, a 3rd year Electrical Engineering Student at UBCO.

Session 1 Recording

Session 2 Recording

If you want to follow along from the very beginning of the workshop, including setting reference designators, download the file linked here.

Session 3 Recording

If you would like to purchase PCB kit used in the video, please, contact chair@ubcoieee.org


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Photos of the Event

E-workshop photo E-workshop photo E-workshop photo E-workshop photo