Executive Team

Chair of Team

Aziz Rakhimov - Chair

Obsessed with anything mechanical (horology, drivetrains, music box), and hockey. Joined IEEE to learn more about electronics and meet like minded people.


MLRC Lab Director

Mouhamed Jaber - MLRC Lab Director

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student with a passion in Mechatronics and Robotics. Interested in Microelectronics, Fluid Dynamics and Woodwork and helping others with what I can.



Jared Paull - Webmaster

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student. Passionate about teaching and power electronics.


event coordinator

Eric Rex - Event Coordinator

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for sports and funny jokes.

Content Creator

Matthew Tseng - Content Creator

I am in 3rd year mechanical engineering. I have a passion for photography!

Social Media Manager

Debra Sukwanto - Social Media Manager

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student with option in Biomedical. Passionate about engineering outreach and volunteering with the local health and wellness centre!


Lab Monitors

lab monitor

Michael Bell

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student. Electronics hobbyist, and Amateur Radio Operator with the drive to help others and learn more.


lab monitor

Radu David

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student. Cisco IT Essentials and CCNA V7 Certified. Passionate about computers and other electronics. Helping and teaching others about my passion is my goal.