We offer dynamic display screens that can be installed to show information.

The screens are meant to be installed inside of a room and display information to those walking by, the information can include hours of operation, your schedule, upcoming events, a menu, or general advertising.

The largest advantage of our screens is that they are easy to configure, visually appealing, and can show large amounts of information by utilizing a slide-show or video formats.

Previous Installations

We have one installation under our belt and are looking for customers on campus who are interested in having a screen installed. Check out the MLRC Hackerspace at EME2245 to see the screen in person.


Pricing for the screen installation is dependant on the size requirement, parts avaliability, and features required, this can lead to a large price range; between ~$350-~$700CAD depending on needs. This price includes components, labour, and installation.

Each screen purchase will also include free maintenance on the display.

Optional Add-Ons

We offer a select few customization add-ons to the screen.

  • Custom frame engraving: $20CAD
  • Cover for back of screen: $30CAD
    • Custom engraving on cover: $10CAD

Contact Us

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to schedule a short 30 minute meeting to decide on options that best fit your needs, we will provide you with an estimate quote and timeline if you choose to purchase with us.